Best Free Video Editing Software Of All Time

A free video editing software is the software that is freely used to edit any video or to modify, create or manipulate a movie file. Video editor designed for editing video files as well as making videos of any complexity that incorporate various audio and visual effects. It has a wide range of functions and has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to make videos with only a minimum of effort.

A good video editing program can assist you in displaying your product in every way possible by producing professional promotional videos for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and any other platform where you post videos of your brand. There are many simple-to-use free video editing software that will aid you in standing out from your competitors.

When you take videos on your smartphone or as an experienced editor, you require the right software for editing videos that is robust and user-friendly. We’ve compiled a list of the top video editing applications:

  1. The best video editing software for beginners
  2. Free video editing software
  3. movie maker online

The Best Video Editing Software For Beginners



OpenShot is a free video editing software that offers an intuitive interface that is great for novices. It’s not equipped with a wide variety of editing options however, it’s a great alternative for novices to use to do basic editing. OpenShot can be used to resize and cut the size, snapping, scaling and rotation. You can also find features such as scrolling credits and audio editing, time mapping frame stepping, live-time preview.

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Apple iMovie:

Apple iMovie

For those who work on PCs, this will not be of much use, However, we’d be remiss to not include it on the list. If you’re looking for a simple interface and class, it’s hard to make a difference to Apple iMovie. The ten filters in iMovie’s high-quality collection are among the finest available in the field of video editing And if you’re recording using your iPhone or editing your project on your iPad then you can make use of AirDrop to wirelessly and smoothly transfer your video into your Mac.



VideoProc from Digiarty is a great software for novices. It’s a subscription-based software, but it’s easy on your wallet when compared with numerous competitors. You can test before buying by using a fully-featured 7-day trial. The reason it’s an excellent deal is the fact it’s not an individual editor. The software allows you to not only convert but record as well as download video.

Although you can use many functions within one program, VideoProc doesn’t scrimp on editing options. You can cut, cut, and join multiple files (in various formats and from different devices) or rotate them, as well as include subtitles as well as effects. The full GPU hardware acceleration allows for rapid and smooth editing.

Filmora: No watermark video editor free


Filmora is among the least praised video editing platforms. If you are a novice the software is one of the top free video editing software that you can utilize. Filmora includes more than a thousand video templates as well as an intuitive visual video editor free that’s enjoyable to use. Filmora allows simple animations as well as features like motion tracking.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is our pick of the top and easy video editing software freely used in general. It’s the editing software used by professionals all across the globe, the reason of which is its easy free video editing app-to-use interface and top-of-the-line feature set. But, due to its cost, it is recommended for those who intend to perform a lot of editing video, and certain users may prefer Premiere Elements (below) to be more suitable.



The video editor is a topic of discussion. But without editing and ridiculous sounds, we’re dead! Lumen5 is the most user-friendly free video editor online that can be used for commercials, brand videos campaigns, as well as everything in between. We’ll explain why.

It’s a website-based platform that comes with various online editing options. You can compare its text-to-video feature to magic. If you’ve written something and want to turn the content into a clip or film, simply add the link and the video creator will provide you with an outline of the story with all the transitions, music, visuals, and everything else. The power of AI technology for all users.

Pinnacle Studio:

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a good option for Windows customers (there’s an absence of a Mac version) who have never edited videos before. This is a good choice among the free video maker tools and the more professional editing tools, both in terms of cost and capability.

At a reasonable cost for a reasonable price, you can get more than 1500 titles, effects, and templates, including six-track HD video editing tools, color correction tools as well as a Stop Motion feature as well as time-remapping, and many more. It’s extremely user-friendly and also very user-friendly. The latest version 25 introduces several new features, including smart object tracking as well as 8K import keyframe groups, brand new blend modes, and audio functions.



Lightworks offers an intuitive and simple interface, making it easy to get started. Lightworks also comes with a library of videos with detailed tutorials which makes it one of the most easily accessible and accessible Linux-free video editing software choices that we have listed.

Lightworks is among the top YouTube video editing programs for novices. The free version even includes everything you need to make a professional-quality video that is available in HD or SD formats. It features a simple, easy-to-use, and simple-to-use interface. It also comes with a variety of video tutorials that will aid beginners to create stunning videos right from the beginning.



InVideo is a tool for free that comes with a full-featured and free version with watermarked video. The watermark is quite minimal (just the tiny InVideo logo on the upper right-hand corner on the screen) which makes this version extremely user-friendly, but you can anticipate a lot of upsells.

InVideo is definitely distinct from other tools in this list because it’s entirely web-based. This is great if you wish to edit and access your videos from anywhere and do not need to install desktop clients or apps. It also means that, even though the cost per month is quite high, you will not have to purchase separate licenses for several computers like you would with other software. This is why Invideo is counted as one the best free editing software for pc.

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HitFilm Express:

HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Express is one of the best value programs among the top video maker free software and it’s not just cost-free to get started, however, but also because you are able to add more features for a reasonable price. It is compatible with Macs as well as PCs. It is also compatible with the discrete Nvidia or AMD GPUs that support processing and decoding in a threaded manner.

Free Video Editing Software



Blender, one of the most popular free video editing apps available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Blender is open-source software that is completely accessible for free. The program was initially developed as a 3D animation tool, however, it also comes with a great video editor application. The video editor of Blender is enough to meet your video editing needs.

This free video editing software lets you carry out basic tasks like cutting video and splicing. It can also be used to complete more difficult tasks such as video masking. It is a flexible video editor, catering to both advanced and beginner users.



ActivePresenter is a screen recorder and video editor with no need for watermarks. It can be used for creating screencasts of documents, manuals, presentations as well as animated training videos. The full-featured editor it allows users to edit audio and video content, alter the appearance and feel of the content, and make decisions about branching scenarios in a way that is appropriate and well. Content created using ActivePresenter can be made available to everyone to any device or platform as it can be used with HTML5 and integrated into Learning Management Systems.

VSDC Free Video Editor: 


For a long time, VSDC has maintained the first position on the list of the top free video editors on the internet. This free video editing software is able to aid marketing professionals in the creation of product demonstrations and also how to make use of videos to increase the level of knowledge of their target audience.

It is a no watermark video editor free software that is easy to be amazed at the quality of the edited videos. This tool allows a wide variety of file formats. This means that users can create tutorials that are free and publish them on various websites on the internet.

Hitfilm Express: 

Hitfilm Express is a powerful, but free video editing software that doesn’t have watermarks that are ideal for those who require an easy-to-use and sophisticated tool for video edits. It also offers unlimited tracks, so you can include a variety of effects to enhance your videos.

The video editor free with no watermark is compatible with PC and MacBook is fully compatible with 3D and 2D composing. And, if you’re looking to add voiceovers to your video, a built-in audio recorder is available.

DaVinci Resolve: 

DaVinci Resolve

This no-cost video cropping program allows users to rotate or cut or shuffle fragments, eliminate unnecessary parts, and overlay the tracks they want to overlay with sounds.

You can also record and instantly stabilize your materials for later adjustments using your Mac to edit video directly in the application. Furthermore, since this is a no-cost, without a watermark editor it will produce an original video.

Video Grabber:

Video Grabber

The Video Grabber is an online service that allows users to convert and edit them, perform screen recording and capture online videos. It can be used to crop, trim, and add watermarks to your videos, change the volume or play speed, as well as create video effects. It also gives the capability to change resolutions of video frame rates, resolution, and audio channels. It’s simple to use and allows video output in a variety of formats.



The simple interface of Avidemux makes it the most effective editing software for those who are just beginning to create captivating footage. The program will help users to complete basic tasks such as simple cutting, Encoding, and filtering. If you’re new to editing video it could be the best place to begin.



KineMaster is a video editing tool that has a beautiful interface that offers a remarkable user experience and a wide range of powerful features. It lets you create the videos you want according to your preferred method.

KineMaster is a simple process to use. KineMaster is simple to use. It is as simple as you select the elements you wish to incorporate into your movie in the way you want them to appear and then give a name to the finished composition. Then, you’ll be able to choose a topic for your video. It also includes an introduction. However, you are able to edit your video to a greater extent if you wish to.

Movie Maker Online:

Nowadays, a variety of internet-based movie creators are readily available to help you create and edit films without any prior knowledge in editing video. They’re really easy to master and easy to use. Additionally, it doesn’t require you to install any plug-ins or download in order to use these programs. We have compiled a list of the top online video editor and movie makers that can aid you in creating something that is distinctive. Check them out!


It is the first Open Source Online Video Platform, Kaltura provides both enterprise-level commercial software and services and also free, open-source solutions for community support for managing video content, publishing, the syndication process, and monetization.

Wave Video: 

Wave Video is an effective video marketing platform that lets you edit, create sharing, hosting and share videos. can meet the needs of small businesses bloggers, entrepreneurs, social media users, and nearly anyone else who is looking to create an online video. In the simplest words, it is the best video editor for PC.


Searching for an app to edit videos that allow you to easily create professional, high-quality content that is suitable for social networks such as TikTok, Triller, Snapchat Spotlight, or YouTube videos? It was developed through Lightricks, Beatleap is an outstanding video editor that can make the process of creating clips more enjoyable and saves you time. It has vivid animations to allow for fun editing and many useful features.


Magisto is a popular online movie maker editor that lets you create a high-quality video with its distinct features. The tool is renowned because of its automated editing capabilities. It examines your video and suggests the most efficient method to modify it.


The Shotcut program is among the best free video editing app for Windows and is a great choice for Mac as well as Linux PCs. Shotcut, just like Blender, is an open-source application, meaning that you have access to all features without having to purchase a premium upgrade.

While this video editing program is a great tool with excellent features and tutorial videos, some users might be a bit eccentric. It’s because Shotcut was initially designed specifically for Linux and that’s evident. However, underneath it’s still a high-quality video editor.

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RenderForest impressed us with their step-by-step tutorial, which made the process of getting acquainted with their features easy. The template page was not as well-designed even in the direction. The templates are beautiful and well-crafted but it’s not useful when you have to make use of different categories and so on. Also, you can’t create anything entirely from scratch based on what we observed, which is a bit of a problem.

Are You Ready To Edit Some Online Videos:

Every suggestion of the free video editing software is trimmed to appeal to various groups for different reasons. It doesn’t matter if you own an iOS or Android device, making high-quality videos was never more simple.

These programs will help you get the look you envision and provide you with beautiful-looking videos that can be shared across the Internet. Make your mobile, desktop, and Instagram videos into the top-notch with these video editors to swiftly get professional results.

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