Business Track: Account Management Solution for Merchants

Business Track First Data is a safe and secure online account administration and reporting platform for your merchant payment processing account that you can access from any computer. Learn about your card payment streams, including credit, debit, and gift cards, and how to get a crucial transaction, reconciliation, and dispute information for each. Visit to learn more about Business Track. If you have any questions about Business Track mobile or need assistance enrolling, please contact the Business Track Help Desk at 1-800-285-3978, Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

The most important advantages and characteristics

Discover how to track business expenses site may assist you in managing and growing your company.

  • Increase the speed with which you may get monthly statement information. Instead of waiting for paper statements to come in the mail, you may access your statements online or download them to your computer.
  • Manage losses and processing expenses as efficiently as possible. With the Dispute ManagerSM programme, you can swiftly manage disputes/chargebacks and answer requests for information online, rather than having to send a paper response or call a call center.
  • Receive important account updates — Sign up for Merchant Alert emails to receive timely dispute/chargeback alerts, next-day sales and financing information, statement availability, and other important information about your business.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your company strategy. The ClientLine® Reporting tools may be used to do historical and trend analysis of your transactional activity to assist you in the development of your business and marketing strategies.
  • Streamline the process of account reconciliation. ClientLine Reporting allows you to download several sorts of payment data in a matter of seconds for faster examination.
  • Get assistance with your tax reporting. In addition to 1099-K forms, Payments Tax Manager also gives you tax validation and gross reportable sales data, as well as copies of your 1099-K forms.1 If you enroll in Form 1099-K eConsent, you may choose to just get your yearly tax document.

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Applications that are currently available

Select the apps that are most appropriate for you.

  • Reporting using ClientLine®. View monthly account statements as well as comprehensive payment processing information via customizable reporting, which may be accessed online or through an email address of your choosing.
  • Alerts to merchants. Receiving critical, time-sensitive payment reconciliation and dispute information sent directly to your email address are very convenient. You may customize the sorts of notifications that are sent to you based on your company’s needs.
  • Dispute Resolution Specialist Payment disputes/chargebacks from customers are received, viewed, and responded to.
  • Payments Tax Manager is a programme that manages payments and taxes. With this programme, or with Form 1099-K eConsent, you may get fast and simple access to tax information for your company’s finances.
  • Manager of Data Files. You may produce customized raw data files provided daily via the First Data Business Track File Gateway for extra analysis, which is particularly beneficial for merchants with greater sales volumes.

Tools for self-service and assistance

Self-service and support tools will assist you in the administration of your merchant account.

  • Preferences of the user. Add the online apps that you like to use, delete the ones that you don’t, and edit the information in your user profile to reflect your preferences.
  • The password should be changed. Once you’ve logged in, you may easily change your password whenever you like.
  • Summary of the card processing. You may get a snapshot of your net sales and costs for a specified seven-day period by using this feature.
  • The interface is tailored to the user. View the most important information about all of the programmes that you are now running.
  • Resources. Examine the useful links for frequently asked questions, business track bank of America information, and tutorials.
  • What has changed? Keep up to speed with the latest product, bank, and industry news and announcements.
  • Contacts. Locate contact information for a variety of business track enrollment customer care and POS support teams in seconds.

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Business Tracking- FAQs 

Exactly how can I get an entry for the Business Track website?

You may self-enroll in Business Tracker at any time if you haven’t previously done so.

  • Go to
  • Click Enroll in the Create An Account section of the menu bar to get started.
  • To get started, click Sign up for your Merchant Account.
  • Create an account by filling out the fields marked as mandatory and clicking the Create Account button.
  • Approval status will be shown on a screen.
  • There will be an approval notice on your screen if you are automatically authorized. In addition, you’ll get two emails from us. The user ID will be included in the first email. A temporary password will be sent to you in the second email. Multi-Factor Authentication and temporary password reset (MFA)
  • Business Track login by clicking the Continue button.
  • Enter your user ID and temporary password in the appropriate fields on the Business Track Homepage.
  • Change the temporary password and click Submit, and then click the Continue to Business Track Login button. “
  • Re-enter your user id and new password and click sign-in on the Business Track Homepage’s Merchant Login option.
  • The MFA security code will be sent to you through email. Click Submit after you’ve entered the security code on the Verify Security Code screen.
  • If you’re ready to go to the Business Track portal, go ahead and accept the terms and conditions by clicking accept.
  • It is important that you double-check your merchant account information before submitting your application. You may also reach out to Customer Service if you need assistance.

Have problems with the Business Track portal? Here’s who to contact.

On weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time, you may reach the Business Track Help Desk at 1-800-285-3978 for questions about Business Track and how to sign up.

Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-451-5817 if you have any questions about your account.

It’s possible that I’ve lost my username or password.

  • Visit if you have forgotten your login ID.
  • After clicking “Merchant Login,” you’ll be sent to the following page, which has a “Forgot User ID” button.
  • Go to if you’ve lost your password.
  • Start by clicking “Merchant Login” and then clicking the option to “Have difficulties signing in?”
  • Please enter your username and click “Submit.”
  • An email with a multi-factor authentication token will be sent to you. Click Submit after you’ve entered the security code on the Verify Security Code screen.
  • Create a new password on the Password reset page and click Submit.

What happens to my password if I forget it?

Passwords do, in fact, expire after a period of 180 days. After 180 days, you’ll be asked to update your password the first time you check-in. Password resets are required before regaining access to the business track merchant services interface.

Where can I change my user ID’s email address?

You may access the drop-down menu by clicking on User Preferences and selecting “Update User Profile.”

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