Dan Hayhurst: Wiki, Biography, Early Life, and Net Worth

Dan Hayhurst is a talented Canadian actor who is famous for his versatile roles as an entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and skilled bodyguard. He gained worldwide fame and recognition as the sixth husband of the famous Canadian-American model & actress, and TV personality- Pamela Anderson. But this marriage lasted only two years, but it gave them an opportunity to get to know each other better.

After that Pamela realizes that Dan really isn’t the right match. Although the reason for their divorce is not known to the people properly. We can say that Dan’s life is full of interesting stories of professional, vibrant relationships and personal growth.

Early Life & Education of Dan Hayhurst: Wiki, Biography

Dan Hayhurst was born between 1976 and 1980 in Canada. But the exact details about the state and city of Dan Hayhurst are unknown. Raised in Canada, Dan completed his high school education at an institution that he has never disclosed to the public. To complete his higher studies, Dan enrolled in a Canadian university. He received his bachelor’s degree, demonstrating his passion and interest in education.

Let us now get into the personal details of Dan Hayhurst. After considering the range of Dan’s birth years, he is estimated to be approximately 42 to 46 years old as of 2023. Dan revealed his religious affinity on many occasions that he believes in Christianity and his zodiac sign is not known due to the absence of an exact DOB record. Dan loves to go to church regularly. Along with this, Dan is a supporter of Christianity so always tries to attend rituals on special festivals.

Dan keeps the identity of his parents confidential. Dan Hayhurst was raised in Canada with his siblings and his father worked at a construction site. Dan’s profession has shaped the career of Dan Hayhurst’s life.

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Dan Hayhurst: Wiki, Biography: Married Life

Dan Hayhurst married Pamela Andersson. She is a famous Canadian-American actress and model. Their marriage gained a lot of media coverage around the world. This marriage raised his candidature further to the ultimate level which helped him a lot in both professional and personal growth. The marriage of Pamela took place on December 20, 2020, in a small wedding ceremony.

The wedding held at Pamela’s Vancouver Island home due to the pandemic, was a memorable event. Unfortunately, they got divorced in late January 2022 after 2 years living with each other. Before marriage, Dan worked as a bodyguard of Pamela. With time this relationship turned into a romantic relationship and both got married.

Going back a few years, we learn that Dan was married to Carrie, with whom he had a long-term relationship. They have three children. But this relationship came to an end when she found out about his live-in relationship with Pamela. Carey moved with her all children to Vancouver, the birthplace of Dan. Carey is still living and taking care of her children.

Career Path of Dan Hayhurst: Wiki, Biography

Since his life is strongly influenced by his father, Dan Hayhurst is skilled in construction work. As a licensed builder and contractor, he embarked on a successful career and gained recognition worldwide. Because of his work, he first met Pamela Anderson while he was renovating her Vancouver Island home.

In addition, alongside Dan’s career as a builder, he has also gained experience as the private bodyguard of several celebrities, including Pamela. His contacts and skills in the industry inspired him to carve out and polish his career path as an entrepreneur and professional builder.

Net Worth of Dan Hayhurst: Wiki, Biography

As Dan Hayhurst has experience in diverse fields such as construction, bodyguard, and acting, he has amassed a net worth of around USD 3-4 million as of July 2023. The reason behind such a huge income is his multiple sources of income. Dan’s income sources include earnings from his construction projects and contracts with several companies. Such huge financial growth has allowed him to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in Vancouver.

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Three Things to Know about Dan Hayhurst: Wiki, Biography

  1. Dan & Pamela Married on Christmas Eve 2020 

Hayhurst & Pamela Anderson married on December 24, 2020, in a private ceremony at Pamela’s Vancouver Island home. Pamela Anderson told the media after her wedding with Dan that they married on a property she bought from her grandparents 25 years ago. He also revealed that this is where his parents got married and are still together.

  1. Dan’s An Animal Rights Activist

Dan Hayhurst is an animal rights activist who campaigns for PETA. Along with Pamela, he volunteers at a RASTA sanctuary near their home in Canada. Because of their work as animal rights activists, that animal rights organization posted a thank you note to Pamela and ‘Dan Hayhurst: Wiki, Biography’ the December before their wedding.

  1. Dan Hayhurst- A Builder, who Renovate Pamela Anderson’s Home

Before becoming Pamela Anderson’s bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst worked as a builder at a construction company. He utilized his expertise to help Pamela fix up her historic family property on Vancouver Island. Little does anyone know that one day he will marry Pamela in this very house, he is renovating.


Dan Hayhurst’s life journey has been filled with a surprising mix of professional growth and personal relationships. He began his career as a construction worker and also worked as a bodyguard for several celebrities, which eventually resulted in his marriage to Pamela. Hence, his journey is marked by change and growth.

Dan Hayhurst’s financial stability and huge net worth reflect his passion and flexibility at work. His whole life is an example of how people can decide the direction of their career by working on completely different roles and coming out stronger on the other side.

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