A Step By Step Guide On How To Check Airpods Battery

AirPods Pro battery life is fantastic, at least initially, but they lack power. Here’s how to make sure you have enough room for a meeting,  live stream, or commute. I can’t seem to find it now, I tried, but one of my playlists has one song with a riff like the noise my AirPods make when the battery is low. And whenever Apple Music plays this, we drown a little. You know how frustrating it can be when your AirPods are running low on battery power and have no music or podcasts to listen to. We get a bodily response to the impending silence. Even more so while working from home. Here is our guide on how to check AirPod battery on all apple devices

How To Check Battery On Airpods?

Battery On Airpods

Airpod battery life is amazing. The best thing about AirPods is that they charge quickly. 15 Minute Charge – Listen to your favorite songs for 3 hours. Knowing when to charge is very important, so keep an eye on the battery level. There are several ways to do an AirPods battery check.

  1. Make sure  Bluetooth is turned on on your iPhone or iPad. You can do this through the Control Center or the Settings menu. Tip: You can open  Control Center on your iPad or new iPhone by swiping down from the right edge of the screen. If your iPhone has a physical home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Then press and hold an empty area on your iPhone or iPad home screen. This will make the app shaky. 
  3. Then click the plus sign in the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. Then scroll down and select Battery. 
  5. Then choose the size of the widget. Swipe left to choose between Small Square, Long Rectangle, and Large Square widgets. 
  6. The style selection and widget addition 
  7. Move the battery widget to the desired location. 

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How to Check AirPods Battery Life on Apple Watch

For those who don’t know, Apple can also pair  AirPods with an Apple Watch. This feature is convenient for making calls on your LTE-enabled Apple Watch, but you can also listen to music. 

If you have left your phone at home or left it in your gym locker, you need to know how much juice is left. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to do an Airpod battery check on your Apple Watch. Just swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch. This can be done by opening the Control Center and clicking on the Battery widget in the upper left corner. From there, you can see the battery life of your Apple Watch with connected AirPods. 

How To Check Airpod Battery Status On Mac

Check Airpod Battery Status On Mac

 It’s very easy to do an AirPods battery check on your Mac. 

  1.  Click the Bluetooth icon. Connect your AirPods to your Mac by clicking the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar at the top right of the screen. 
  2. Connect your AirPods to your Mac 
  3. Hover over the  AirPods name. Hover your mouse over the device name in the Bluetooth menu to see each AirPod’s individual battery level. 

How To Check Airpod Battery Life Using Your iPhone Or Ipad 

AirPods battery check is the easiest thing to do. 

  1. First, you need to connect the pod to your iPhone via Bluetooth. 
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone and select Bluetooth. 
  3. Bring your AirPods case to your iPhone. Open the case. Now when the option becomes available, click “Connect”. 

How To Check Airpod Battery For Already Connected Airpods 

Airpods battery check is much easier if your AirPods are already paired with a device. Here’s what to do: 

  1. Place your AirPods case next to your phone. 
  2. Open the case and wait a few seconds for the screen to show the charging status. If the charging status does not pop up, close and reopen the case.
  3.  It shows the battery status and shows the battery level of your AirPods and case.

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How To Check Airpod Battery Life Using iPhone Widgets Page 

Check Airpod Battery Life Using iPhone Widgets Page

You can do an AirPod battery check on your iPhone’s widget page. 

  1. Swipe left to right to go to the widget page.
  2. Scroll down and click “Edit” at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Find the Battery widget. Tap the + icon to the left of the widget.
  4.  Widgets are placed at the top of the page for easy access. 
  5. At the top right, click Finish. 
  6. Your changes are now saved. Scroll to the Battery widget. 
  7. You can now check the battery life when your AirPods are connected to your iPhone.

How To Check Airpod Battery Life With  Airpods Case 

The AirPods case has a small battery light. Here’s how to do an Airpod battery check using the case:

  1. Fully open the AirPods case. Put the AirPods in the case. 
  2. The battery indicator is located between the earbuds. 
  3. If the indicator is green or yellow, there is still juice. 
  4. A green light means the battery is fully charged. Yellow means the AirPods are somewhat low on power. 

How To Check Airpod Battery While Pairing

While pairing, you may want to do an Airpod battery check, which is a simple process. Of course, you don’t have to pair and unpair every time you want to check the battery level. Allow us to demonstrate how you can accomplish it and learn about the charge without using difficult ways.

  1. Keep the iPhone on the home screen and the AirPods case close at hand.
  2. Open the case and turn on the wireless device.
  3. Take the AirPods out of the charging case, and either one or both will display the “AirPods Connected” notice on the screen.

Apple accomplished a wonderful job with iOS 13 or later, where you can see that the charging case and AirPods charge individually. Yes, you can determine the remaining charge in each device separately, which is a plus.

How to Check AirPods Battery On Android 

How to Check AirPods Battery On Android 

AirPods are the property of the original Apple Inc. Designed to work with iPhone and iOS devices. AirPods are also the best Bluetooth headphones that work with all types of devices. If you’re using AirPods with Android, you’re in luck. I am a smartphone or tablet, but I want to monitor the battery level and charging case like an iOS user. 

To pair an Android device with your AirPods, open the AirPods case and press the back button until the light on the front flashes. Your AirPods will then appear in your Android phone’s Bluetooth menu. Click the Pair option to connect both devices. Just a few years ago, testing the battery life of AirPods on Android was not as easy as it was with Apple devices. However,  Android users no longer have trouble checking the battery level of their earbuds on their AirPods. You need to download AirBattery. App from Google Play Store. After installing the AirBattery app on your Android device, open the  AirPods charging case cover. A pop-up screen similar to that seen on an iPhone is displayed on an Android phone. Shows the battery status of the case and each AirPods.  

How to Save AirPods Battery 

There is nothing worse than AirPods. The battery drains when you are away from the AirPods pro charger. This is why you need to conserve battery power when not in use. Here are some useful tips to help you ensure that always works. 

  1. Storing AirPods in a Case When you’re not using your AirPods, put them back in their case. 
  2. Charge from the case so you know it’s ready to use when you need it.
  3.  Do not open or close the case too often.
  4. Opening and closing the AirPods case often drains the battery. It should only be opened when the headphones are unplugged or reinserted. 
  5. Leaving the case open drains the battery. Charge AirPods on Mac, Of course, AirPods can charge anywhere, but they charge the fastest when connected to your Mac. 
  6. Reset AirPods to fix battery drain AirPods cases can drain the battery due to issues. 
  7. If your AirPods are draining faster than usual, press and hold the Settings button on the bottom of your AirPods to reset them. Press and hold for about 15 seconds, then reconnect to the device.  

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How Long Do Airpods Last? 

In truly wireless headphones like the AirPods, the battery is usually the first to fail. This makes battery life a limiting factor for how long your AirPods will last. Charging AirPods in extreme temperatures will damage the battery. Each time you charge your AirPods, the battery capacity decreases slightly. Unfortunately, this decrease is irreversible and over time the battery will completely fail. Each battery has a limited number of charge cycles until it stops holding a charge. The battery type inside the AirPods Pro is most likely a Varta CoinPower lithium-ion battery. Under optimal conditions, this battery can retain more than 80% of its original capacity after more than 500  charge cycles, but after that everything is downhill. With each charge cycle, the battery capacity is slightly reduced as well as faster. 

How Long Does It Take Airpods To Charge? 

Extending battery life with just a few minutes of charging is great, but how long does it take to fully charge your AirPods from 0% to 100%? Apple doesn’t have an official number on their website, but various posts from real users give you a good idea of ​​what to expect. For regular AirPods, Music Critic reports that a full charge takes 20-30 minutes. In some cases, after 15 minutes of charging, your AirPods can take up more than 50% of their total battery capacity. The 

AirPods Pro seems to take a little longer to fully charge. Some users on the MacRumors forum report that a full charge can take up to 60 minutes and the AirPods Pro takes a long time to reach 100% after reaching the 98% mark. You don’t have to wait for your AirPods to charge to 100% before using them again, but the full charge time is noticeably shorter than the second-generation AirPods. Apple hasn’t made an official statement as to why, but it may be an attempt to conserve battery inside the AirPods Pro. Continuing to charge the lithium-ion battery fast is not good for your health in the long run, so by slowing the charging speed when the AirPods Pro reaches 90% or higher, Apple is likely to keep the battery stable for as long as possible. 

How Do I Know If My Airpods Are Charging? 

How to check Airpod battery? AirPods Indicator Meaning Using the “Today View” or “Opening the case next to iPhone” method above can help you determine if your AirPods are charging. You can also rely on light. What does the red light on AirPods mean? If you see a red or yellow light when you put your AirPods in the case, the case is charging. 

When fully charged, the green light turns on when you open the case. The front light turns yellow when the AirPods case is inserted or placed on the wireless charger. It turns off after a while,  but you can open the case to see if it’s solid amber indicating it’s charging. A green light indicates a full charge. A green light indicates that the case and the AirPods in the case are fully charged. When the AirPods are in the case and the lid is open, the indicator shows the charge level of the AirPods. When the AirPods are not in the case, the light shows the charge level of the case itself.

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