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How to Check Your Spotify Stats in 6 Different Ways?

There are several advantages to learning about your personal music listening habits. According to the company’s website, Spotify has over 300 million users. You might be wondering how to see your Spotify stats. Right? 

Each year, these users together listen to innumerable artists, songs, genres, and playlists. “stats for Spotify” will tell you about your favorite songs and artists and then create playlists for you. Other services, such as “Zodiac Affinity” and “How Bad is Your Spotify,” take a lighter approach to analyze your data.

How to look up Spotify stats in 2022. There are plenty of websites you can use to check your Spotify numbers if you’ve ever wanted to delve further into your listening habits. These websites range from serious to silly, but they’ll all let you experience music in a new way.

Try restarting your device if playing doesn’t start right away. Then press the link that says “log in to view your 2020 wrapped.” On a related point, you can access the Spotify chart area of the Spotify app from any device to see the most popular songs in any nation.

Take a peek at the actual stats by heading here. Here are a couple of our faves to check statistics for Spotify from multiple genres.

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Where can you find your Spotify statistics?

Stats for Spotify

This page is for you if you merely want to know your favorite music and performers. One of the most simple “stats” webpages you’ll come across is Spotify stats. 

You may see your favorite Spotify artist stats, songs, and genres from the last month, six months, or all-time if you log into your Spotify account. Simply click Top Tracks or Top Artists to get a list of your most listened to tracks or artists in order of most to fewest played, as well as what you’ve recently played. You’ll also notice a Create playlist button, which you can use to form a playlist with all of the tracks on that list right away.

Helpful Hint: Because of its utility, stats for Spotify crashes frequently. If you try to open a website that says “servers are temporarily experiencing a lot of traffic,” simply press Retry until the page opens.

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped

Have you ever wished to see how your Spotify stats preferences compare to those of your friends? This website allows you to accomplish all of that and more. Not only can you compare your music likes to strangers, but you can also do it with your friends. 

You’re undoubtedly aware of Spotify-wrapped stats. Spotify presents Spotify Wrapped every year, a presentation that highlights your favorite artists, songs, and genres from the previous year. 

You’ll also get a count of how long you spent listening to Spotify, as well as a Spotify stats playlist of your top 100 songs. You don’t need to link anything to your Spotify account to locate this. When it’s launched, it’ll instantly appear in your Spotify app, allowing you to view the slideshow and share it with your friends. You won’t be able to find the Wrapped slideshows after a certain amount of time has passed. 

Due to the Spotify tracker feature, you can access your old Wrapped compilations by logging in to the Spotify website and visiting these URLs:

Wrapped 2021

Wrapped 2020

Wrapped 2019

Wrapped 2018

Wrapped 2017



Are you curious about how to check Spotify stats & plan to use this website daily? Perhaps. This might be a favorite on the list for individuals seeking new music to add to their Spotify playlists or to alter their existing ones.  

This one’s for you! It’s a one-of-a-kind website; none of the others are just like it. Like other sites, Obscurify displays your favorite music, artists, and genres. However, it also provides you with a rating as per Spotify analytics of how “obscure” your interests are compared to other users and a list of artists and songs that no one else listens to. Is your music more well-known or less well-known? The higher the obscure grade, the less likely you will listen to “popular” Spotify music. 

Scroll down to see a “Moods” area that matches your likes to other users’ and assesses how cheerful, danceable, energetic, and acoustic they are. To give you an idea, my Spotify stats songs scored 5% higher than the national average for happiness. You may also learn about your favorite genres, musicians, and songs.

The ‘By the Years’ section is another fantastic feature of Spotify stats. ‘By the years’ displays your musical preferences across the decades, revealing your most-played decade! Finally, the website will suggest stats for Spotify with suggestions!

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Simple yet powerful! We appreciate how you can check your most-played songs as a “Spotify receipt”! A receipt is an app that determines which music you listen to the most and prints a “receipt” listing them in order. 

Receiptify allows you to listen to the most remarkable sections of the music stats you’re listening to.

You may choose to have it play your favorite music from the previous month, six months, or all time as per the Spotify stats. It’s a primary gimmick, but it’s perfect for fast posting on social media. It displays the length of each song in minutes, followed by the total number of songs at the bottom of the receipt.

Judge My Spotify

‘How Bad Is Your Spotify?’ is another name for Judge My Spotify. How Bad is Your Spotify will find a stereotype for you, no matter how strange your interests are. The site scans your Spotify top artists and music, then asks you a few questions before taunting you relentlessly. To put it another way, it mocks you! It’s worth noting that it can become a little rude. Just remember that it’s a robot, so don’t take it personally. 

This project does not keep any Spotify stats data, which is a significant bonus in today’s world where internet privacy is vital. When you log in to Spotify, the online app will generate a one-time code that will be used to access your top songs, tracks, and recent playlists, as stated in their privacy policy. This access also vanishes when you leave till you return.


Do you know how frustrating it is when you want to download anything, and your device informs you that you don’t have enough storage and you have to delete file after file until you have enough? If you’re downloading songs from Spotify charts, Opslagify can help you out in that case. None of the other websites can compare to this one! The website informs you how many playlists you have, how many tracks each playlist has, and how many hours and minutes are in each playlist. 

According to Spotify stats, it is an excellent perk on its own because you may never realize how many playlists, tracks, or hours you have on Spotify. 

But the primary thing the website wants you to know is how much space you’ll need to free up on your device so you can download all of your Spotify songs. This is the exact amount of space you’ll need to download the songs as mp3 files Spotify stats websites.

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