Exploring the Journey of a Renowned YouTuber: LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady features the vibrant and attractive persona of Elizabeth Dwyer, who has risen to remarkable heights in the world of YouTube gaming. Her miraculous performance and persistent hard work earned immense love from her followers and this immense love resulted in a tremendous fan following of over 60 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has an interest in the gaming world for creating meaningful and engaging content across a variety of games, most notably Minecraft and The Sims 4.

She became world-famous for her stellar role in the Minecraft series on her channel. LDShadowLady has become a huge success by capturing the hearts of gamers all over the world. Let us explore her early life, journey to YouTube success, social media fan following, net worth, and legacy:

Early Life, Family Background of LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady, famous as Lizzie, was born on 7 October 1992 in the United Kingdom. Presently she is 30 years old. Maddie, her younger sister, both grew up together and shared a close bond that lasted till their childhood. They used to share every secret with each other and loved to spend a lot of time partying, travelling, and visiting new places. This sparks creativity in Lizzie.

Lizzie’s close bond with her sister is phenomenal in shaping her entire career. However, LDShadowLady prefers to keep her personal life private from her fans. Yet we have seen Lizzie share her past with the audience through her ‘Draw My Life’ video. One memorable part of her life, we have seen in the period when Lizzie spent some time with her family in Virginia, USA in 2011.

Academic Journey & Career of LDShadowLady

Academic Journey & Career of LDShadowLady - Techhunts

LDShadowLady completed her higher education at Liverpool John Moores University between 2012-15. She specialized in computer animation and visualization. Due to her focused approach towards studies and hard work, she secured an Upper Second Class degree. During this period of academic progress, she continued to create and upload engaging content videos to his ever-growing YouTube channel.

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Rising Popularity of LDShadowLady

Rising Popularity of LDShadowLady - Techhunts

Lizzie’s career really started in 2010, when she created her YouTube channel under the name LDShadowLady. She created and uploaded his first video-‘Rofl.’ Call of Duty video game was also unveiled in the same year. Then she decided to stay away for a year to explore new things. A year later she returned and this time she uploaded insightful and engaging videos about video games. As a result, she gradually became popular on Minecraft.

With the help of Joel, she continued Minecraft, and both jointly unveiled a team and series of plays under the name- ‘Shadowcraft’. In an interesting amalgamation of her initials ‘Lizzie D’ and inspired by a YouTuber- ‘NDTitanLady’, Lizzie emerged as her online alter ego. With her content consisting of clips from Call of Duty games, LDShadowlady began a journey that would lead her to unimaginable success and popularity.

Personal Life & Friends of Lizzie

Personal Life & Friends of Lizzie - Techhunts

Lizzy loves hanging out with her friends and seeking guidance and support from them in every walk of life. iHasCupquake is a friend of Lizzie who completed the 1st season of the Oasis series on her channel. The personal life of LDShadowLady flourished this time when she met her future husband Joel, who is a British gaming YouTuber.

The first time, Lizzie met with him at a gaming convention-Game Fest, and there she was surprised by his dancing skills. With the passage of time, their relationship blossomed into marriage on May 11th, 2019. Nowadays, she lives in the north of England with her husband Joel. Her cat- ‘Buddy- a feline companion’ and a Finnish Laphund dog ‘Meri’ also live with them. Both pets have been a part of Lizzie’s life since 2013.

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YouTube Stardom of LDShadowLady- ‘Lizzie’

YouTube Stardom of LDShadowLady- ‘Lizzie’ - Techhunts

LDShadowLady channel grows with time due to its meaningful engaging content. It shows Lizzie’s transformation from a Call of Duty enthusiast into a versatile gamer diving into a wide variety of titles. That’s when she ventured into Minecraft and unveiled her creation- the ‘Crazy Craft 3.0’ mode. This amazing venture increased her popularity, drawing the attention of world-renowned gamers to their unique insightful content.

Lizzie also started a Minecraft Factions series – ‘Kingdom Craft’. It consists of 9 kingdoms, each with a distinct genre. The series is owned by her friends. Her husband Joel Smallishbeans, The Orionsound, Shabble, Yummy, CPK, Dangthatslongnam, Joey Graceffa, and Lorenzside are all in this Kingdom Craft series. LDShadowLady also created the ‘League of Villains’ and invited Ollie and Joel.

Apart from this, LDShadowLady showcases her talent by writing personal vlogs and sharing anecdotes from her life’s journey. It has caught the attention of readers because of its relatable storytelling excellence. Hence, her magic and gaming brilliance have made her one of the most respected Minecraft content creators. Her YouTube videos cater to the curiosity of millions of people across the globe resulting in millions of views on her videos.

Net Worth and Social Media Prowess of LDShadowLady

The magic of LDShadowLady’s charismatic personality isn’t just limited to her YouTube channel. It extends far beyond multiple social media platforms. Lizzy has more than 13 lakh followers on her Instagram account, 830,000 followers on Twitter, and 134,000 followers on her TikTok account. Such an impressive growth on social media is undeniable. If we talk about her net worth then it is more than USD 5.7 million. This is all because of her multiple sources of income, which include merchandise sales, affiliate partnerships and marketing, sponsorships, and many more.


The journey of LDShadowLady is not only impressive but also inspiring for newcomers who want to make a career in this field. Lizzie went from being an enthusiastic gamer to an influential content creator. This showcased her ability to pursue her goals with passion across multiple digital platforms.

With her charismatic personality and persistence in creating engaging content, Lizzie continues to inspire a new generation of content creators and gamers. LDShadowLady continues to be a source of inspiration to the gaming community, as her stardom continues to rise over time.

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