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Nowadays, we have seen a lot of celebrities or you can say famous personalities’ kids getting a lot of attention out there. You must have seen Willow Oakley on the show, Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, and after that, there must have been some curiosity of knowing more about Willow Oakley and that is why you are reading this blog right now. So, you will get every single detail of Dr. Michelle’s Daughter, Willow Oakley. 

Topics to go through in this blog Willow Oakley wiki are:

  • Who Is Willow Oakley?
  • Willow Oakley Age
  • Willow Oakley Education
  • Willow Oakley social media
  • Willow Oakley Family
  • Willow Oakley Relationship (Boyfriends)
  • Shane Oakley
  • Michelle Oakley
  • Is Dr Oakley Still Married?
  • Dr Oakley, Yukon Vet
  • Sierra Oakley
  • Maya Oakley

Who Is Willow Oakley?

Willow Oakley

Willow Oakley is well known as one of the three daughters of Dr. Michelle Oakley. Willow Oakley is a well-known specialist. She has been on her mother’s show a lot of times. Through the years, it was a highly-rated show and her sister was a part of the show to assist her mom care for injured animals.

Willow Oakley’s whimsy is white and their identity is American. Willow is still a teenager now and is in high school. Both are dedicated to the greater good of other people and their daughters are very impressed and motivated by their parents.

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Willow Oakley Age

She took birth in the USA in 2004. Willow is as yet a teenager and is locked in informal communities. Willow is only 17 years older in 2021. 

Willow Oakley Education

Willow proceeds with her schooling at a nearby school and is planning to graduate right away. She sees her mother truly zeroing in on animals and says she ought to resemble her. Willow’s more established sister, Sierra Oakley, turns into a veterinarian and attempts to help her mother.

Willow Oakley Social Media

Willow Oakley isn’t effectively connected via online media yet she refreshes her records at standard spans with pictures of things that connect with her as it were. There aren’t a lot of people following her social media accounts. There are 84.6k individuals following her on Instagram and 330 posts, and she follows 603 different people. There are 1224 Twitter followers, and she has no followers on Twitter. There are only a few friends of Willow Oakley on her Facebook account.

Willow Oakley Relationships (Boyfriends)

There’s no information about Willow Oakley’s life online on the Internet. Shane Oakley and Michelle Oakley have always opted to keep their children’s private lives secret from their early years. This is the same pattern their children are doing now and keeping their personal lives private. Willow Oakley is actually not even legally aged enough to have a bf. She’s just 17.

Willow Oakley Family

The name of her dad is Shane Oakley who is a fireman. Michelle is a veterinarian. Three daughters were born to the couple Mr. and Mrs. Oakley are Sierra, Maya, and Willow.

Shane Oakley

Shane Oakley

Shane Oakley is a professional firefighter. He is recognized as the spouse of Michelle Oakley, Dr. Michelle Oakley. He isn’t a well-known person there in America and is known to his wife. The three girls he has are Michelle Oakley, Sierra Oakley, Maya Oakley, and Willow Oakley.

Michelle Oakley

Michelle Oakley

On September 16, 1969, Michelle Oakley was born, in Munster, Indiana, who is one of the daughters of Georgia and Steve Plantinga. She was fascinated by animals from an early age when she spent most of the summer on her uncle’s dairy farm. Oakley is a wildlife specialist.  

Dr. Michelle Oakley is the starring Dr. Oakley and Yukon Veterinarian in the Nat Geo Wild Reality series. She runs a vet center from the house. She resides in Haines Junction, Yukon Territory. Her clients aren’t just animals but cater to the requirements of her hometown. She has culminated her abilities in a wide range of creatures and treats them as needs be.

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Early Life

As a child, her teacher Dr. Oakley looked up to Jane Goodall, the English primate anthropologist, and primatologist. She was inspired to follow her passion for working alongside animals. To this day, Michelle keeps in touch with her family. She even visited her old neighborhood after her dad died in the year 2019. While she was in the water, she built forts and helped animals. Her uncle was the owner of the farm, and she would spend her time studying at the farm. 

In 1988, she enrolled at the University of Michigan for pre-medical education. While she was studying, she traveled to Yukon for the first time as a field assistant to study arctic ground squirrels.


The name of her father is Steve Plantinga and her mother’s name is Georgia Plantinga. Also, she has a brother with a sibling. The name of her husband is Shane Oakley. She got married in 1992. They also have three children, named Sierra Oakley, Maya Oakley as well as Willow Oakley.

Oakley Careers

Dr Michelle Oakley is currently employed as a veterinarian who specializes in wild animal species and Oakley animal hospital is kind of popular in Yukon. She is otherwise called the primary person on the unscripted TV drama ”Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet”. Nat Geo Wild is a reality television show. Maya, Shane, Sierra, and Willow (Dr Oakley daughters and husband) have also been on the show.

Net Worth And Salary

Michelle’s income comes from her job as a veterinarian and also from the show hosted by her. Following her debut on the show’s first season’s first episode, which aired on the 4th of April in 2014, she’s been present all the time. The show is set to finish eight seasons by 2020. Oakley gets a revealed pay of $15k per episode. Her total net worth is $1 million.

Dr Oakley Age, Weight, And Heights 

You must be wondering how old is Dr Oakley Age? So, Dr Okaley’s age is around 52. Dr Michelle Oakley is a middle-aged lady with a seemingly large height and significant body mass.

Is Dr Oakley Still Married?

The response is that Dr Michelle Oakley is still with Shane Oakley and happily married to him. Shane Oakley and living her life happily alongside him.

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

We already know that Dr. Michelle Oakley is a veterinarian in Yukon. So, DR. OAKLEY YUKON VET is a reality-based series that investigates the everyday exercises of Michelle Oakley, a rehearsing vet inside the Yukon domain. Being the only vet of all species with a distance of at least 100 miles Oakley is always busy with house visits, managing her clinic at a satellite location located in Haines, Alaska, and visiting patients at her clinic in the home. If she’s not busy vaccinating animals in sleds, treating damaged bald eagles, or working to treat the eye diseases of yaks She attempts to enjoy minutes with her family, including her three girls. 

It’s an interesting film, though those with sensitive eyes might be troubled by certain bleeding (and difficult) injuries depicted here and also operations and procedures that are necessary for the animal’s health. There is another Alaska vet show which is also very popular which is hosted by Dr. Dee.

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Sierra Oakley

Sierra Oakley

Sierra Oakley is the first daughter of Michelle and Shane Oakley. Sierra had great respect for her mother, who was her veterinarian, while her father was hired as a firefighter. She was learning the ropes and would assist her mother in taking care of her animals.


On days off at her tutoring, she’d work out ways of taking an interest in her mom’s TV shows. The show started on April 4th, 2014, and the series is still going on and going great. Since Sierra has finished the clinical school preliminary course, she is able to go to veterinary school and is enrolled as an assigned veterinarian.


She completed her education at an elementary school located in Yukon. After that, Sierra graduated from St. Francis Xavier University. She completed her Bachelor of Science.


She attended school through the school she attended in Yukon. There, she was able to play hockey frequently before she was named the school’s women’s hockey captain of the team. The team played in the 2015 Canada Winter Games under her captaincy. She was great at playing hockey. When she went to college, the sport disappeared from her existence.

Sierra Oakley Age, Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Sierra is around 24. Her height is 5 feet and 7 inches (167 in centimeters). Her weight is approximate. 55 kg (121 pounds.). In addition, her body measurements are estimated approximately. 34-28-40 inches. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are brown.


Sierra has never been straightforward about her connections openly and has picked 100% of the time to keep quiet. There aren’t any particular insights concerning her sweethearts. It is believed that she doesn’t have any boyfriends and is focusing on her professional career.

Social Media

She’s quite well-known on social media and has an impressive fan base. Sierra Oakley Instagram has 22.4k followers, but she has only published 25 posts. She has 8.5 K followers on Twitter.

Net Worth

She is a vet by profession. However, her net worth is not public until now. It has been reported that net worth for her is 4000.

Maya Oakley

Maya Oakley

Maya Oakley is the very adorable daughter of Dr. Oakley. Maya Oakley is an actress and an undergraduate college student in her home country of the United States of America. Maya Oakley has studied at the University of Western Ontario. She is also extremely interested in animals. She’s often been featured in her mother’s appearances in Nat Geo Wild to help in the protection of animals. The mother and daughter have donated to several non-profit organizations to help save animals. The mother also runs the company Oakley Veterinary Services.

Maya Oakley is seen quite often in her channel Nat Geo Wild channel helping her mother care for the adorable animals. Dr.Oakley as well as her daughters are extremely in love with animals, and contribute funds to various organizations to help save animals. 

She was also a great hockey player. She has also been a captain for her sister’s team.

Age, Height, And Weight

She will be 21 in 2021. She is of a decent height has a good body measurement and can maintain a healthy body weight to be able to keep her height.


Maya is extraordinarily gifted in analyzing and finished her schooling in a nearby faculty in interior America. The United States of America. Maya Oakley becomes a vivid student. She completed her tutoring in the year 2018. Then, Maya joined the University of Western Ontario to finish the four-12 months path to earn a graduate diploma. At the time of 2021 Maya Oakley is meant to complete her university diploma and might be presented her diploma in the close to future.

Fascinating Information About Willow Oakley

In this blog of Willow Oakley wiki, you must have known everything about her in detail. Willow Oakley, is a 17-year-old girl who is following her mother and trying to be like her. She is a teenager and Mr. and Mrs. Oakley are not looking for the wedding of  Willow Oakley with anyone right now. Michelle Oakley’s daughters are pretty much like her. Willow Oakley is soon going to be an adult and trying to find out the right path for her career.

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