How to Unpair Apple Watch

unpair apple watch

Restoring your Apple Watch may be necessary for a variety of reasons. To accomplish this, follow along with the steps provided below. Even though the Apple Watch is a fantastic piece of technology, it is necessary to perform a full system restore from time to time. You’ll need to unpair Apple Watch from your current … Read more

How to Screen Record on iPhone 11, 12 &13 with Sound

iphone screen recording

Making a walkthrough or showing off your mobile gaming prowess is also an acceptable option. Only a few taps are all that are needed. During the time your parents are using their new iPhone, do they frequently ask you how to record a screenshot? Do you know how to record your screen? Make a video … Read more

Best Boost Mobile Phones 2022

boost mobile phones

We consider boost mobile phones one of the best MVNO [Mobile virtual network operator] carriers around. Having previously been part of Sprint’s network, new subscribers opt to join T-Mobile’s much faster network instead.  Due to its super affordable plans, boost mobile prepaid phones are a great option. Do you get tired of looking at your … Read more

A Step By Step Guide On How To Check Airpods Battery

how to check airpod battery

AirPods Pro battery life is fantastic, at least initially, but they lack power. Here’s how to make sure you have enough room for a meeting,  live stream, or commute. I can’t seem to find it now, I tried, but one of my playlists has one song with a riff like the noise my AirPods make … Read more

A Step By Step Guide On How To Change App Icons For iPhone

A Step By Step Guide On How To Change App Icons For iPhone

Apple hasn’t really paid much attention to customization, but with last year’s iOS 14 update, you’re finally able to beautifully or “aesthetically”  change the look of your home screen to your liking. You can also change the size, color, and, app design icons, customize wallpapers and even link everything to a common theme. Creating beautiful … Read more