Read Chainsaw Man: A Tale of Devils, Power & Unexpected Twists

The Chainsaw Man is a shining example of storytelling and creativity skills that have truly captured the hearts and minds of readers globally. Written by Fujimoto Tatsuki, this manga has made a name for itself and a special place in storytelling in the exciting world of Japanese manga. It started with a humble beginning and gradually rose to its incredible pinnacle, the series enthralls its reader with the perfect blend of humanity, monsters, and surprising plot twists.

Fujimoto intelligently breathes life into characters that resonate deeply through his thoughtful storytelling that confronts society’s fears with inner strength. It informs readers that their fear gives rise to strong mystical beings called devils. Each character of the story has distinct abilities and the series is full with action, emotion, and thought-provoking themes. So, let’s explore the memorable mesmerizing world of ‘Chainsaw Man’.

A Saga of Two Parts: Public Safety and Academy

A Saga of Two Parts Public Safety and Academy - Techhunts

Read Chainsaw Man has proven to be a well-written piece that constantly surprises its readers through unexpected twists. Right from the beginning, this saga continues to evoke emotions among the audience. Fans of this Japanese manga eagerly await new chapters of its unpredictable journey. Now, let’s explore the parts of Chainsaw Man. It is broadly divided into two distinct parts, each with its own memorable story plot.

The first part is known as the ‘Public Safety Saga,’ which consists of 97 chapters. It basically introduces Denji to the readers. He is a marginalized young man whose life is full of sorrow and challenges. Denji’s life takes a dramatic U-turn when he makes a pact with a demon known as ‘Pochita’, resulting in a mixture of evil in his soul.

Now he has become a Chainsaw Man with extraordinary body transformation power. Now, he can turn any part of his body into a chainsaw. Denji becomes part of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government agency dedicated to neutralizing demon threats in Japan.

The second part which is an ongoing chapter in the Japanese series of Chainsaw Man is ‘Academic Saga’. It focuses on a high school student named Asa Mitaka, who is under contract with the War Devil. In her human form, she is a shy girl who is bullied a lot at school. Her parents were killed by a demon so she hates all kinds of demons and hence remains confined to herself most of the time.

She is the main character of Academia Saga and she embarks on a mission to retrieve the demons that were stolen from Chainsaw Man. This new arc introduces a fresh perspective while maintaining the essence that defines Chainsaw Man.

Characters That Grip the Heart- Denji/Read Chainsaw Man

In any novel, story, or book there is a central character around whom the whole story revolves. Similarly, in this Japanese series, Chainsaw Man excels in this aspect, charms the audience with his great character, and makes a place in people’s hearts. In the first part, Denji, as the protagonist, draws readers’ attention to his miserable living conditions and struggle against poverty. Thereby he surprises the audience with his new identity as the ruthless Chainsaw Man avatar.

In contrast, Asa Mitaka is the central figure in the second part – ‘Academy Saga’. She surprises readers with a new layer of complexity with her reluctant role as the War Devil’s right hand. Both the characters are not just empty shells, they evolve and challenge the audience’s perceptions of the way people look at things, making their journey all the more memorable.

Popular Success of Read Chainsaw Man

Owing to its worldwide popularity, this Japanese manga- ‘Chainsaw Man’ has circulated over 26 million copies, firmly establishing its position among the best-selling manga series. This growing popularity shows that it has made a deep impression among readers globally.

The manga series has also been awarded several awards such as the 66th Shogakukan Manga Awards and the Harvey Award in the Best Manga category. This global recognition underscores Chainsaw Man’s influence on the manga landscape.

An Animated Play on Television-Read Chainsaw Man

An Animated Play on Television-Read Chainsaw Man - Techhunts

Something very exciting happened in October 2022 that took ‘Read Chainsaw Man’ fans by surprise. This incredible story that previously existed only in the pages suddenly burst onto the screens with an anime television series.

The MAPPA team worked hard to make this happen, and they finally brought the characters to life as readers had imagined. Now, along with reading the story, fans can actually see and hear it on their screens. Gazing at the screen is like stepping into an immersive adventure of Chainsaw Man.

A Twist That Shook the Fans

The chapters of Read Chainsaw Man never fail to surprise its readers with their unexpected twists and turns that leave them surprised and a little confused. Chapter 140 is something that turns the story around by revealing the Chainsaw Man Church and introducing Kobeni’s brother Nobana Higashiyama. This U-turn of events took its fans by surprise, sparking intense discussion about character development, sacrifices, and the unpredictable path the story could take.

Musical Notes and a Theatrical Stage

Music also plays an important role in popularizing anime TV shows. Kensuke Ushio composed the music, adding depth and emotion to his Japanese manga world. Its adoption by anime also brought excitement among its fans. The original soundtrack along with catchy theme songs enhance the viewing experience for the viewers.

Fumiya Matsuzaki has further expanded his horizons by taking it to stage play. The main objective of the dramatic journey of the manga series is to bring its essence to life in a more engaging way to inspire the audience.

Read Chainsaw Man: A Tale of Demons, Humanity & Evolution

Chainsaw Man is much more than just a manga or comic book for its fans. It is like embarking on a journey into a world where people are struggling with their fears, which have given birth to demons. Readers meet a number of characters who’ve gone through difficult situations, all coming together to create a fantastic story full of emotion, excitement, and deep messages. As the story progresses, it unfolds surprising moments and scenes that melt readers’ hearts and make them think about things in fresh ways.


Read Chainsaw Man is a complex mix of monsters, humanity, and unexpected twists. Fujimoto’s excellent storytelling ability is surprisingly commendable that breathes life into every character of the story. As the saga progresses, readers can expect more twists & turns in the upcoming chapters of the series. Whether you are a manga enthusiast or a new reader, Read Chainsaw Man offers an immersive experience that’ll keep you glued from the first to the last page.

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